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This is together the mysterious land, also is together the solid land, fills the hope together the land, here has group of mysterious people, also is group of practical people, crowd of fill hope people.  

By repatriates the Shanghai three source biology application technology limited company and the Hangzhou three source medical equipment limited company which the person who study abroad and the domestic medical service electronic technology expert founds together, inherited Chinese nation several millenniums to come to hold the nature indomitably, has dares for the world first spirit, was displaying the inexhaustible creation ability.Three source people create again, defend the discipline, has the emotion, their personal integrity responsibility, the faith is firm.Three source person's idea is, concentrates our energy and the creativity, cooperates with the social various aspects expert, devotes to the medical plasma application technology and the product research and the development, the product bases satisfies the medical clinical use and the biotechnology demand, take medical care personnel's health as this! Enables the low temperature plasma antiseptic this vanguard technology to popularize the application, makes the contribution for the Chinese medical service enterprise development which should have.

  Three source company's core competitive power is the technical innovation.Develops the successful medical low temperature plasma sterilizer by three source people in the domestic lead, uses the advanced hydrogen peroxide plasma low temperature antiseptic technology, has the proprietary intellectual property rights, obtains the domestic medical instrument product registration card in May, 2005, the realization volume production, and may export sells in distant markets overseas.The Xinhua News Agency has broadcast the news release on May 28 take "Domestic First Low temperature Plasma Antiseptic Equipment Production" as the topic.

  Three source companies have a technical exquisite research and development, the production, the marketing management troop, in aspect talented people and so on the medical equipment design, processing, craft management is complete, the foundation is good, uses the advanced management pattern, pays great attention to own unceasing development and the innovation, the endeavour product seriation, the practical application, advocated the quality first, take human's health as this, through the good sales network and the consummation technical service system, provides the high quality product and the post-sale service for various professions customer.

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