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Domestic medical device is expected to promote sale in domestic market share

2016-03-15 00:00

Domestic medical device is expected to promote sale in domestic market share


The new healthcare reform, points out that governments at all levels invested 850 billion yuan in 2009-2011 for guarantee of the five basic reform. Though 850 billion - yuan specific distribution is unknown, but the personage inside course of study is generally believed that the investment will increase to the medical apparatus and instruments, generic drug, medicine, business, etc bring integral increment. Cic advisory Xu Lingni pharmaceutical industry analyst thinks, medical equipment industry will be first to benefit from the new health care reform.


New health care plan, according to the allowances for urban residents in health care and new farming will increase to 120 yuan per person per year. Cic's advisers believe that subsidy standards to improve the content alone will bring as much as 100 billion yuan of medical cost increment, plus 850 billion yuan investment plan, will make medical apparatus and instruments, generic drug and pharmaceutical commercial benefit significantly.


Regardless of the specific scheme, a new medical system reform direction in China has clearly, the state will increase year by year the public health system, rural and urban community construction of grass-roots health, predictably, China's medical equipment market will usher in a period of rapid development.


Cic's advisers believe that because of the government in the medical instrument equipment procurement, will be more emphasis on domestic equipment, therefore, diving medical, xinhua medical and Wan Dong medical treatment, medical apparatus and instruments leading enterprise of benefit high expectations. Domestic medical devices are expected to use the new health care reform to achieve market share, in the long run, it helps to cultivate and improve the competitiveness of China's medical equipment industry.


It is understood that a quarter of China's medical mechanical products for export, however, most of China's medical equipment export products are low technical content and mid-range products, relatively low value-added, high-end products such as magnetic resonance imaging and technology and the key techniques such as Europe and the United States, in developed countries, there are some difference between the core technology and strong dependence on imported key parts.


Although at present the world's largest medical device market is the United States, the European Union, Japan, but the potential of the Chinese market is the largest. In developed countries, medical devices and equipment industry and pharmaceutical industry output value ratio is 1:1.9, while in China, this ratio is 1:5 only. Since the reform and opening in China while the country's comprehensive strength increased, but from the perspective of the hardware of the whole medical institutions, compared with foreign is still very weak. At present, many medical institutions are updated equipment, plus a new reform plan, the potential of the medical equipment market in China.


According to statistics, countries above 3 armour hospital is 563, dimethyl at or above the county level shall, in 5000, the eleventh five-year plan of the medical service institutions (including community hospital) a total of 31 m. More than 80% of them are individual clinics and county under the grass-roots medical institutions. In the medical institutions, medical instruments and equipment, is about 15% in the 1970 s before and after the product, is the product until the mid - 1980-60%. Can be expected, with the continuous development of national economy, medical institutions will continue to phase out old defect medical apparatus and instruments, so as to promote the rapid development of the medical equipment industry.

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