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Analyses the domestic medical equipment to high to occupy the domestic market

2016-03-15 00:00

Xi general secretary in medical institutions in the southern expedition to the localization of medical equipment, through the domestic market development, to promote the development of national medical equipment industry, in recent years has a large number of policy support and funding. But at present, the domestic medical equipment ownership of medical institutions is not ideal, is still the majority of foreign products, and little China foothold high-end market.



Why domestic medical equipment to high to occupy the domestic market?




Medical equipment and instrument the size of the market in China, ranked fourth. But the expert analysis, the government for public hospitals "size", but did not affect their medical devices "expansion", is only different levels of medical institutions and medical equipment configuration of the models are different.




At the same time, the steady economic development, expanding coverage, ginseng protect people at the grass-roots level on the large and high precision medical equipment inspection requirements gradually rise increasingly, especially in the current reform health care, social security and the unity of miho, etc., need to increase of medical equipment, is expected in the next five years, the national medical equipment configuration of the medical institutions at least double.




But there are data show that in 2013 China's use of high-end medical equipment CT, high-grade monitors, 80% and 85% inspection instruments and 90% magnetic resonance equipment, electrocardiogram machine, ultrasonic instrument, high-grade physiology recorder is foreign brands, domestic products.




But some high-end medical equipment sold at home and abroad, then entered the German, Japanese, French and so on more than 30 countries and regions of the mainstream market, domestic share is not optimistic.




What is the reason? Forward-looking industry institute release information, points out that mainly because of the policy environment is not necessary, technical input for less than, the innovation ability is weak, the industrial system is relatively weak.




This is, of course, the "online". According to China's medical equipment industry development in 2013 blue book statistics, more than 17000 medical device manufacturing enterprise in our country, 90% per year within twenty million yuan of small and medium-sized enterprises.




A lot of small business's main product is the disposable syringe such low-end products, not only production technology content is low, the production process and quality control of safe and effective. "




Offline "reason is the problems of market development, there is no specification, system, perfecting the market system, the lack of government leading, the second is for a long time...... the durance of ideology on domestic medical device is not broken, three is domestic medical treatment check the price and payment proportion not much difference, class four is a lot of instrument manufacturers don't have much of core technology, it is difficult to compete with imported brand, five is most 3 armour hospital use imported products attract patients and so on.




The author of several large domestic medical equipment operation of county-level hospitals survey also found that after-sales service is to keep up with domestic medical instruments were shut out of a very important reason, such as a county hospital of north domestic ultrasound "dormant" half didn't get the manufacturers maintenance, this city five district eight counties, nearly one thousand sets of large medical equipment, at present only a commercial pit, large equipment failure need manufacturer home maintenance, poor timeliness.




There is no doubt that the domestic medical institution is a important market of the development of our national medical equipment industry, worthy of attention and development, but the author thinks that, it needs to be in technology, capital investment increasing at the same time, the government in domestic medical industry policy system to give strong support, to break the bottleneck, short board.




In more large medical equipment, in particular, to strengthen quality supervision and improve the quality of production, at the same time, we must strengthen the government leading, more to the development of the domestic market, such as a rigid policy, different level public hospital or health insurance fixed point hospital must be configured a percentage of the domestic medical equipment.




Reasonable pull open with the examination and treatment of imported equipment price; Medicare payments to tilt; At the same time, pay attention to and strengthen after-sales service, recommend big manufacturer or by a combination of many small manufacturers, to a certain user area set up medical equipment repair station, resident service, guarantee the on-call.




In this way, the domestic medical equipment quality assured, run efficient, low price and the service price, to attract users and consumers, in the medical market highlights his image and market value, excellent industry will gradually increase the domestic market share, promote promote the rapid development of the national medical industry.

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