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The latest research: a/h1n1 flu infection period could last for a week

2016-03-15 00:00

, according to a latest research results of many patients with influenza a (H1N1) flu symptoms, for the first time in a week or longer period of time are likely to influenza virus infection.


Quebec, Canada institute of public health researchers Gaston DE plug. The day is in a microbiology of the study is presented at the meeting.


Plug les said: "this study shows that your infections may be more than 1 day or 2 days, you may can infect the influenza virus in about a week time."


According to the report, "test" if a flu will infect others, relative to a fever, cough may be a better judge index.


Until the Associated Press, health officials warned in patients with influenza fever symptoms disappear after 1 days to avoid contact with others. But this latest study shows that they may need to keep note in a longer time, especially with family members.


The U.S. centers for disease control and prevention flu officials Nancy cox said, given the a/H1N1 flu virus spread so widely, isolation measures seem to prevent the spread of the virus in patients with ineffective.


"We're trying to taking into account all these factors in the guidelines," she said, "but in fact could not block or stop the spread of the virus to schools, universities and other places."

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