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Scientists developed the knee generator

2016-03-15 00:00

American and Canadian scientists developed a fixed in the power generation device on the knee. This device can be collected from people walking the energy loss of power, enough for 10 mobile phone charge. Engineers at the university of Michigan arsene guo said, generating principle of this device is similar to by braking power of the storage battery. According to his introduction, pedestrians take a leg, the knee will naturally put the brakes on. At this time, there will be some of the energy loss and the generator "knee" loss of energy can be collected and converted into electricity.


The researchers believe that the power generation device has many USES. Travelers and soldiers can't find the device emergency power supply when available. Surgeons can also will device into the artificial limb. "Knee generator" in the world before, researchers have developed the generator and backpack on the shoes of power systems. But the two generators have defects, "shoes type generator" less electricity, "backpack type generator" too heavy. While the new generator can foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses.


If your feet are tied to the instrument, and then, at a speed of 3.5 kilometers per hour in walking on the walking airily, poly applications can produce 5 watts of power. However, electrical weight is 1.20 kg, or not too convenient to use.

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