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The development trend of medical equipment maintenance

2016-03-15 00:00

Maintenance mode: the old way of medical equipment maintenance is a own mechanic look at again is looking for manufacturers only half a new medical equipment maintenance methods are looking for has been to repair his machine maintenance engineer or friend introduction maintenance engineers. This is no matter for their maintenance engineers are not in their original units. New mode of medical equipment maintenance is his own initiative, ask yourself, your own, on the Internet, an acquaintance introduced yourself up to see the price, such as to compare, on the basis of the find their learning, also the company no matter what, as long as the price, time, quality assured can repair. Old ideas: think what machines are looking for manufacturers, who production machine will find who, regardless of price, regardless of die maintenance time and look for the manufacturers. Conceptual change: every industry can't be just a machine maintenance, for monopolistic try to challenge prompted them to find a way to understand and use not manufacturer maintenance company to repair. Results proved they didn't have the, many manufacturers can repair the machine. Medical equipment maintenance is the development trend of the market is more and more transparent, price and maintenance company is more and more accepted by the public know, maintenance is not the manufacturer of the world, and presents the baihua contending situation, recognize WeiXiuZhe choice.

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