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Application of oxygen content measurement in the medical and pharmaceutical industry

2016-03-15 00:00

In order to be able to accurately measure the bags and other oxygen, airtight container ocean optics - micro photonics industry leader launched the RedEye (TM) oxygen sensor. Combined with its patented sensing materials and optical sensing technology, the immersion oxygen sensor can quickly determine the presence of oxygen, and can carry on the quantitative measurements.


Accurate measurement of oxygen concentration is of great significance for medical and pharmaceutical applications, it can ensure that patients and nursing is analyzed using scuba equipment safety, or whether surgical instruments and drug packaging after disinfection seal.


With self-adhesive RedEye oxygen sensor can be attached on the surface of the sample container, such as bags, packaging, or nursing analysis equipment, accessories, such as disposable respirators oxygen in non invasive way to complete the concentration of oxygen in the packing measurement. Ocean optics patent nano porous gel coating has good ability to resist reaction, can maintain stability of the sensor is the nature of, can protect the sensor. Based on the different applications, can be observed through the color change of the hand-held LED oxygen does exist, or using fluorescence photometer directly measure the accurate oxygen levels.


RedEye oxygen sensor chip can not only measuring gas in low oxygen content is low (0.005%), dissolved oxygen in liquid (20 PPB), at the same time, it can measure is similar to the cells tissues and respiratory monitoring of high oxygen content. In addition to the application of medicine and pharmacology, RedEye oxygen sensor chip coating technology is also used in food, beverage, fuel and its application in the other hydrocarbon products.


According to the requirements of the measurement, the ocean optics can use three different ways of coating for customers personalized specifications tailored sensing films. RedEye oxygen sensor can be integrated into the package for the continuous monitoring, late or use on the packing surface to production or development monitoring.


Ocean optics is the bold international co., LTD. (Halma P.L.C. - http://www.halma.cn), a subsidiary of. Halma is international safety, health and sensor technology leader, the London stock exchange listed company, with more than 3300 employees worldwide, more than 40 subsidiaries, more than $2007 in fiscal year 2007 turnover. Halma subsidiary products are mainly used in people's life safety and quality of life improved. Through continuous innovation, the product has always been a leading position in the market. These products to make our customers more safety and more competitive and profitable. Halma division is multiple areas contribute to China's booming economy, mainly manufacturing, energy, water and waste treatment, environmental, construction, transportation and health industry, etc. Halma has representative offices in Shanghai and Beijing, and part of the subsidiary companies have set up manufacturing plant in China.

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